Our B2B Online Booking
Engine Android App
Called ibe4all

Book ALL that you need
Just using your mobile
We actually mean ALL!


Much faster and responsive as compared to Web Platform

Works for both domestic and International Sectors, including LCC Airlines

Loaded with all B2B functions like the Booking List, Ledger Statement, Request for Credit, Request for Deposit

Facility of sending the e-ticket by the agent to his client

  • Encapsulated with the GDS Dashboard which includes a GDS Emulator which empowers the Agency to use GDS cryptic system on the GO. The entire GDS functions can be run thru the Emulator. This enables the Agency to increase productivity on the GO. The GDS response is fast.

Another important function “HX Manager”. The Agency has to keep monitoring the Queue for any vendor remarks posted by the Airline. The “HX Manager” takes the entire pain from the agency by giving the list of PNR’s with the click of a key and also gives the list of all the remarks that are there is the PNR. This means lot of savings in resources for an agency and adding an element of faster response to actionable PNR’s.

Have an IRCTC Dashboard which gives you the power of Indian Railways. Should you want to locate a Train or a Platform or the current Running Status of Train or the PNR Status or Seat Availability, all this is now available on your mobile in your pocket

Another feature is the Flight tracker for the real-time flight status departing from an Airport or arriving on an Airport. Not only this, one can also track a flight thru the Flight Number. We are planning to enable the notification system in the next release.